I'm Jenny, a designer, artist, and Integrated Engineering student at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. I started drawing at 5 years old and haven't been able to put my pencil down since. I’ve also picked up a lot of new tools and a fascination with technology and engineering along the way.

Studying engineering as a designer can feel counterintuitive and often isolating, but I’ve come to appreciate both what I can learn from and provide to either disciplines. Being able to not only imagine, but potentially implement all of my craziest ideas is really exciting!

I've also recently been listening to the Wireframe Podcast, which has given me a broader perspective on how design influences us outside of digital interfaces. It's been eye-opening to notice UX design principles applied to engineering, leadership, or even day to day life.

I like to listen to music under a blue sky in my free time, and recently learned Stand Up Paddle-boarding (and have yet to fall in the water)! This is of course, on the rare occasion that I’m not working on some new drawing, photoshoot concept, or design project.